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Eurofurence 25 "Fractures in Time" - Estrel Hotel Berlin, August 14-18, 2019Follow eurofurence on Twitter

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 on: 20.08.2019, 13:50:24 
Started by Cream - Last post by Cream
Hello, I have a little bit feedback about the Eurofurence-App.
(Sorry when I don‘t know the right technichal terms)

First: It‘s a really good app and I used it to organize my events! Thanks to the team who created it!

Here are some “wishes” I would like to see in the App…

- When I favor an event, I can only see my favorites at the start page at the bottom so I always have to scroll down. Maybe we can have a button for “Favorites” at the side bar?

- Something to the page “Events”: When I scroll down, choose an event and go back, I’m always on the top and have to scroll down again. It would help, when you are in the same position as you were before clicking on an event.

- Maybe a consideration: When you open the page “Events” you are at the position in the list where the last events started. Like it’s 1 p.m. and you see the events, which started at 12 p.m. for example. Of course you can scroll up to see the past events.
I just thought about it, it’s no criticism.

 on: 20.08.2019, 01:08:07 
Started by Twillight - Last post by Twillight
There are always moments in my life that touch me as an old furry sack, that give me a positive touch. The whole con was good for me because I didn't get what I feared: No special drama Lama. But then there was one of those moments that left me with a positive sting in my heart.  There were several of them in my life, including the first time I saw THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW, and I realized a lot about myself.  And this time it was the main character in the PawPet show.  I can't describe that feeling, it was just WOW. I won't forget this moment.   Oh yes: I am never DEPRI, my real life is too good for that.

Es gibt immer mal wieder Momente in meinem Leben, die mich noch als alten Furry Sack so richtig berühren, mir  im positiven einen Stich versetzen. Die ganze Con war für mich gut weil ich etwas nicht eingetroffen ist was ich befürchtete: Kein besonderes Drama Lama. Aber dann gab es einen dieser Momente die mir einen positiven Stich im Herzen hinterlassen.  Davon gab es in meinem Leben mehrere, darunter das ich zum ersten Mal THE ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW sah, und mir so einiges klar wurde über mich.  Und dieses mal war es die Hauptfigur in der PawPet Show.  Ich kann dieses Gefühl nicht beschreiben, es war einziges WOW. Ich werde diesen Moment nicht vergessen.   Ach ja: Ich bin nie DEPRI, dazu ist mein real Leben zu gut.

 on: 20.08.2019, 01:03:34 
Started by Kruemel - Last post by Twillight
The Link not work.

 on: 19.08.2019, 23:15:24 
Started by Drift - Last post by Drift
I managed to forget 2 fursuit props on the upper park deck (-1).
A banner pole (wooden stick with two leather grips) and a LARP spear (looks like a wooden shaft and a flint tip, with leather straps and feathers).
The two items had disappeared from the park Sunday evening
, but had not been brought to security or the hotel.
Does anybody know their whereabouts?

 on: 19.08.2019, 15:44:15 
Started by Khaki - Last post by Futeko
Cheers, thank you very much for the great pictures!

 on: 19.08.2019, 10:52:03 
Started by Khaki - Last post by Khaki
Hey kids! Coming back from  Eurofurence, let’s review some techniques for repelling PCD:

1) Never leave. EF FOREVER.
2) Time travel
3) Stay in touch with your new friends (!!)
4) Photos. PHOTOS! Lots of ‘em:

Let's get cracking!

We begin on Day 1. Arriving at the Estrel hotel in Berlin, seeing that giant mirror-wedge gleaming overhead, always feels like coming home! Immediately I ran into old friends I'd missed, and made new ones — including the formidable Hella von Sinnen!

Day 2 was a long one; among other activities Blue_Panther and I joined Alectorfencer's panel about her graphic novels Myre and Haunter of Dreams, and our respective contributions to them. Also, I got to spend quality time at the fire pit!

The Enter The Arena dance contest is always a highlight for me. This year I promised myself  I wouldn't swoon over Mangusu and Dexter but then the mongoose shook his tailfeather to Lizzo's "Boys" and the doggo had a cool jacket and OOPS THERE I GO:

Day 3, and my paws barely touched the ground! Running my Photo Safari workshop, ALL THE FEELS at the Foxes and Peppers concert and spending hours philosophizing in the Time Tunnel with dear friends <3

Since I only attended the core days, the last official day of Eurofurence came quickly. But by that time I already felt like I'd been living in that wonderfully cosy furry colony for months already, like a mirage-island you actually get to live on :)

Oh, and let's not forget the other Eurofurence dance contest: Paws on Fire. I love the floor-war format of this dance-off so much, and how hootily the crowd gets involved!

And of course the PawPet Show. I once more had the privilege of consulting on the script, even contributing a few lines here and there and, honestly, I think it's the best work I've ever done. #boobietown

Anyway! If you're back from  #EF25, I hope these bring a smile to your face.

I love you all, and I miss you already — see you next year :)

 on: 18.08.2019, 21:33:44 
Started by Cifer - Last post by Cifer
So, starting off the post-25 feedback cycle!

This year's Pawpet show was a massively mixed bag for me.

On the one hand side, it was awesome. I had a great time. The characters were quite interesting and the spirit world scenes were just visually stunning. The humour served to break some tension and particularly compared to last year, it seems like the puppeteers were a lot better at staying out of sight. The cussing was somewhat toned down, so the curse words that did appear actually emphasized a point rather than just serving as eccentric punctuation. The plot was dark, but the darkness absolutely served a purpose in the storytelling. I tip my non-existent hat to the crew for pulling this off and pulling this off well.

Which leads me to the bad part. As we learned in the Fur Science panel, furries are a pretty queer bunch - if the data they've collected about furries in general translates to the attendees of EF, about three out of four furries are not straight. They're also often bullied and had to go through a lot of crap in their life before (or after) coming into a fandom that is often used for escapism. And along comes a pawpet show that does a tap dance across pretty much every potentially traumatic topic ever. Drugs and addiction. Suicidal thoughts and actual suicide attempts. Torture. Homophobia and gay conversion therapy. Giant spiders. Child abuse and alcoholism. The whole thing was about one sexual assault away from me standing up and shouting "Bingo!"
Considering the audience, it wasn't really a question whether someone would be affected by this stuff, but how many. When Alice was in the middle of being tortured by Isaiah, I heard chairs clattering behind me and saw someone leaving the hall at a dead run. I do not know if they were maybe just dealing with a bad curry, but I doubt it. From what I've heard, they were not the only one and I saw several other people leave the room after that scene.

Pretty please: If you ever decide to tackle such topics again, do put up a content warning, ideally both in the con book and in the small sheets on the seats. It can be marked as such so people with no lingering trauma can decide to skip it to avoid spoilers (write it upside down so you have to consciously turn the sheet around). The way you currently did it was not okay. The only two things we got beforehand was Cheetah saying something vague about "tough subjects" and the rehab center flyer lying around in the convention as viral marketing where it may or may not have been found.
I've heard that some people said "It's always been 18+" and "It's the Pawpet show, what did you expect?" I am hoping those words did not come from members of the Pawpet show crew, because they betray a lack of empathy that horrifies me. I did not know what to expect. Noone who didn't find the flyer knew what to expect, except possibly some connection of a punk/metal band with religious themes, because that was pretty much everything that the title and poster indicated. I have never gone into a movie or flipped open a book knowing as little about the content as with this show. Every pawpet show of the last years was different, with perhaps the only connecting thread being rebellion against authority. "Juno Rising" was a relatively sweet story about reconciliation and compromise and letting go of preconceived notions. "The Skies of Astar" was about colonialism, industrial greed and warmongering. "Golden Eyes" was about letting go of old anger and learning whom to trust. "Keepers of Light" was about abuse of (religious) power. None of those touched as directly on so many topics as traumatic as Demön HünterZ. And saying that any media that is somehow considered "18+" should be viewed only by those who have no mental hangups whatsoever seems just ridiculous. You don't enjoy torture porn a la Saw? Does that mean black comedy Deadpool and scifi thriller Alien aren't for you either? I don't think so.

In the rpg scene, there is a saying: "Players are more important than games." I hope you agree with it, especially when it comes to such little concessions as content warnings to make sure people do not have to relive their traumas. Yesterday's Pawpet show was awesome for me. It should not have been awful for anyone else.

 on: 18.08.2019, 14:41:02 
Started by kovu - Last post by kovu
Got one, topic can be removed

 on: 13.08.2019, 17:22:36 
Started by Karn - Last post by R3ap3r
wenn du wieder zurückfährst könnte ich eventuell mitfahren und hast du bock mal so was zu unternehmen kenn noch keinen hier in berlin und hab auser der messe auch nichts zu tun

 on: 13.08.2019, 16:58:11 
Started by R3ap3r - Last post by R3ap3r
im the second time in berlin and i dont know anyone here.
if anyone want to hang out ,go for a drink or to a shisha bar it would be nice if i could come with you.
im in the city hotel ansbach

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