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Eurofurence 27 — "Black Magic"
Dates & Venue: TBA

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 on: 16.08.2022, 16:45:36 
Started by Jean Wolfie - Last post by Jean Wolfie
Hey all, I have a Sponsor Ticket for the EF to offer, since I can't attend anymore because of sickness.

You can contact me on Telegram @Furrywolfie

 on: 13.08.2022, 20:56:26 
Started by KarmaFur - Last post by KarmaFur

I've got a room in the Estrel hotel and Im searching for a roommate, my friend canceled at short notice.
It would cost about 540€ per Person.

Im 18 years old, 187cm tall and 69kg.
Im a Fursuiter.
This is my first Furry Convention.

Please contact me if you're interested, for more info write me on Telegram.

Telegram: @KarmaFur7

 on: 13.08.2022, 20:44:47 
Started by emasurag - Last post by emasurag
Hi, I was lucky in the lottery this year and was able to reserve a room at the Estrel.
Unfortunately, my room mate cancelled at short notice and so I still have room for someone else.

Offer room (standard, double room) for 1 person at the ESTREL Hotel Berlin.

Arrival: Wed 24.08.22 15:00 Check In

Late Departure: Mon 29.08.22 12:00 Check Out

Smokers: I don't smoke myself, but if my room mate smokes I have no problem with it.

Fursuiters: I am a fursuiter myself and would have no problem to take another one with me

Roomparties: don't have to, but can (on a small scale please)
I hope you have a quiet sleep and are not a snorer. Sleep, even if it won't be much, is important and I need it to recharge my batteries.

Language: mother tongue "German", "English" with hands and feet ;D is unfortunately not exactly the yellow of the egg

 on: 12.08.2022, 22:29:11 
Started by Fuchur - Last post by Akulatraxas
Hi Fuchur,

unfortunately the only place that is close enough and could be uses is currently occupied by an art installation. So there will be no official Motorfurs this time. We hope it can return next year.


 on: 12.08.2022, 20:02:57 
Started by Fuchur - Last post by Fuchur
I just ckecked the timetable for this year´s EF and couldn´t find the motorfurs event.
So I´m wondering if there will be a motorfurs-meeting again this EF?

Thanx, Fuchur

 on: 12.08.2022, 14:55:10 
Started by OutBlacked - Last post by OutBlacked
Hey, i am looking for 2 Tickets of Any kind, preferably one Normal, one Super Sponsor.

My Telegram is @OutBlacked

Thanks for any response in advance =]

I found 2 tickets. Thanks to anyone reading this.

 on: 12.08.2022, 14:33:15 
Started by ScoutVanHowlen - Last post by ScoutVanHowlen
Hi there,

sorry, if there's already another thread covering this topic. A search for "Glympse" showed no results.

I just wanted to ask if there will be an invitation to use Glympse at EF26  on the Eurofurence website as this was the case during previous EF conventions.
Me myself, I'd like to use it.  :) Thanks for a quick answer. Have a nice day, everyfur!


 on: 12.08.2022, 13:59:00 
Started by Tomo Husky - Last post by Zefiro
what difference 3,5 years can make :)


 on: 12.08.2022, 05:59:14 
Started by Tomo Husky - Last post by Sky the Husky
Can't find the username for husky, too

 on: 10.08.2022, 22:05:02 
Started by Tomo Husky - Last post by Suran
Telegram says it can't find the username for the fox

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