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Eurofurence 25 "Fractures in Time" - Estrel Hotel Berlin, August 14-18, 2019Follow eurofurence on Twitter

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 on: 24.08.2019, 22:13:49 
Started by Lightfox - Last post by winterheart
My biggest grief is how the new generation of attendees are so disrespectfull of people, they cut off your way, jump in front of you just to get 2 seconds faster, go in the elevator instead of letting fursuiters go first.
They don't seem to read the best practice rules for non suiters.

Blocking stairs is a NO GO btw, how many times to I have to tell people to get out of the way and let someone pass??
I have to grab the rail for my own safety, anyone preventing me to do this can and will endangermy or someone else's safety!

 on: 24.08.2019, 21:07:56 
Started by kawaiirat - Last post by Moose
First and foremost thanks to everyone working hard to making EF such a nice experience <3

Something that I would like to see is that the small headless lounge, on the way to rotunda, stays up for as long as possible.
I'm in particular thinking of sunday-monday.
I'm sure the fursuit team try hard to stretch is as long as possible and just want to let you know that I was missing the lounge at the very end :)

Best regards :D

 on: 24.08.2019, 21:02:26 
Started by Cream - Last post by Moose
In my experience the app worked mostly flawless.  (Android)

I second that the favorited apps remaining after they were "over" was a small nuisance, but nothing more.

Another small nitpick was that when ever I would go from watching an event on the schedule and back to the schedule, the screen would return to the top.
I would love to see that the screen return to the same event as was being watched.

And of course thanks to all the hard working people for an amazing con <3

 on: 24.08.2019, 17:08:12 
Started by Cream - Last post by ZenBlackWolf
Last year i loved this App.
But this year i could not use it to mark my favorite Events because the App crashed at least every second time as i add a event to the favorites.  :'(
And please if possible considering introducing a dark mode.
I would love to have a dark mode for this App... <3

 on: 23.08.2019, 20:33:14 
Started by Schorse - Last post by Verpeilus
Since I'm not good at English, I have not seen many meetings and shows. I let this text translate to Google. Your photos are all really great.
I was on the EF25 from Wednesday to Sunday, but I did only 1 group photo on Wednesday in the hall (23-ECC Room 3). I did not know that several photos are taken, and the best one is published. Where can I see all group photo? One of this is probably the only picture where I can also be seen. Unfortunately, I can not be seen on any Youtube video. 

 on: 23.08.2019, 14:06:36 
Started by kawaiirat - Last post by Cyrilius
It cannot be said often enough… thanks to the fursuit-lounge crew for all their hard-work. Everything was perfect once again. ^^

 on: 23.08.2019, 01:21:33 
Started by nobs - Last post by Mryia
Kölle Pizza
Planetenstraße 57, 12057 Berlin

We were at a rather small place called Kölle Pizza during the last two years. Approxiamately 20 seats outside + 20-30 seats inside. It is a delivery service in the first place, but customers on location gets served quickly, too. The menu selection is rather small, you'll get the most common basics in Pizza, Burgers and Salads. The restaurant also serves Köfte and grilled chicken.
The prices are affordable, I paid 7€ for a 30cm Pizza Hawaii that tasted very good. Our group of 8 furries got a free turkish tea afterwards. The staff was very friendly.

The place is in the same distance as La Terazza, just walk straight forward through the railway bridge at S-Bf Köllnische Heide. The restaurant is on the right side of Sonnenallee.

 on: 22.08.2019, 22:58:34 
Started by nobs - Last post by Raider
Did someone tried Shaan this year?
Indian kitchen with interesting dishes.
But awfully damn slow. Last time we were there lots of people canceled their order. We did not try it this time any more.,13.4468431,21z/data=!4m12!1m6!3m5!1s0x47a84fa00bc68379:0x85ef8da6f131f201!2sCaf%C3%A9-Restaurant+Louis!8m2!3d52.4743796!4d13.4451527!3m4!1s0x0:0xb93aead70556b7d4!8m2!3d52.4739709!4d13.4468509

We went this year (like every year before that) and got our food in record time. However, they were nearly empty. I also heard a lot of people stopped going there after having one or two bad experiences.
I think their kitchen can't handle more than 3 or 4 tables at once. The food however, is always really good.

 on: 22.08.2019, 19:54:12 
Started by Cifer - Last post by o'wolf
On behalf of the pawpet show team:

We sincerely apologize to those who were upset by our show. It was never our intention to cause discomfort to any member of the audience. We were surprised ourselves by the intensity of the torture scene and can relate to the negative emotions it may have caused for some. Unfortunately, due to the huge workload before the convention and on site, we missed providing the content notice we had planned to give before the show. We'll pay more attention to that in the future.

It is true that the story this year was very dark, especially compared to previous years. We thank our editor for defusing it as far as possible without compromising the plot by adding some humor to the original script, as otherwise a lot more audience (rightfully) would have walked out on us.

As dark as the topics covered are, as close as they hit to home for some of us, the essence of the play is that it is possible to overcome one's inner demons and how powerful friendship can be.

Finally, while it sure is amazing (even to us) how much one can immerse into a story and forget it is a puppet show, we don't see our work as "only puppetry". We wouldn't put so much effort, work, dedication and emotion into the production if that were the case.

 on: 22.08.2019, 19:48:03 
Started by Schorse - Last post by Schorse
Here are my photos from EF 25.

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