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Eurofurence 25 "Fractures in Time" - Estrel Hotel Berlin, August 14-18, 2019Follow eurofurence on Twitter

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 on: 02.06.2019, 21:20:25 
Started by Teckly - Last post by Teckly
Didn't have the chance to get a room this year.

I'm so, selling the convention with the stage ticket for 90€.

If you're interrested contact me on telegram/fa --> Teckly


 on: 01.06.2019, 15:14:27 
Started by Beato - Last post by dracus
If you looking for a Eurofurence Ticket, you can message me via the Forum or via Telegram @ItzzBeato.
It's the normal Ticket and the Stage Ticket which i would sell for 95€.
Don't be shy and write me :)

I can't find your telegram. I'm interested. can you please check your telegram ID to see if it's the good name or if you mispelled it

 on: 30.05.2019, 14:52:24 
Started by meo - Last post by meo
I'm thinking about hosting a "Genealogy on a Budget"-Panel (or Roundtable) and want to know if anyone in here would be interested in that Topic and/or want to share his Discoveries also.

 on: 29.05.2019, 10:14:54 
Started by Zicky - Last post by Zicky
Looks like EF 25. Gonna be without white puppys this year............ Shame :/.

 on: 29.05.2019, 08:32:35 
Started by ANTIcarrot - Last post by Suran

EF21 Anatomy of a PPS




 on: 28.05.2019, 12:40:39 
Started by Nesko - Last post by Nesko
I am unfortunately selling my Eurofurence ticket along with the stage ticket for 90€ because I will not be able to attend.
If you're interested you can contact me on Telegram @NeskoHusky.

Thank you.

 on: 26.05.2019, 09:11:09 
Started by Colditz - Last post by Colditz
I sadly can't attend the Convention and would like to give my ticket to someone who can.

Message me on Telegram if you're interested

 on: 24.05.2019, 14:51:43 
Started by Nienna87 - Last post by Söckchen
Hi there!
Is the spot for your room at Motel Plus still available?

 on: 24.05.2019, 14:28:14 
Started by Söckchen - Last post by Söckchen
Hi there!

I'm searching for a place where I can stay during Eurofurence from 12th or 13th up to 19th August.
Estrel or not is not important.
Last year I made good experience with Motel Plus, so if someone has a spare place to offer there, that's fine, too.

To me: I'm a non-smoking, responsibly drinking, vegan, gay femboy.
I might be snoring. So be warned.
There is no need for my roommate to hang out with me during convention or anything.
I'm a grown up doggy and used to do my own thing.:3


 on: 24.05.2019, 11:24:01 
Started by Ryuko - Last post by Ryuko
Got a spot, thank you!


I'm looking for a spot in a room at the Estrel with early arrival and late departure.
During the day I'll mostly be busy in the dealers den.
I'm a calm and clean roommate, so you don't need to worry about me making a mess of the room!

If you'd like to read into me a bit more, you can see my twitter (@RyukoNya) or my FA (@Ryuko). I'm active on both.

Please comment or message me on twitter if you know of a spot!
Thank you.

Kind regards,

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